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Chart-FX - Why and How to Plot 1001k scientific data points @ 25 Hz | A. Krimm & R. Steinhagen

Chart-FX is a scientific charting library focused on performance optimized real-time data visualization at 25 Hz update rates for data sets with a few 10 thousand up to 5 million data points. From its origin, design choices, functional highlights to its real-world high-performance use-cases, and its future, this contribution presents some of the challenges, encountered opportunities as well as benefits since open-sourcing this library.

This session has been recorded during the JFX Days 2020.

Chart FX Corporate

As the leading data visualization component for developers, Chart prides itself to be the one available for most platforms and tools in the industry. Find out more at

Delphi Tutorial: Chart (Deutsch/German)

In diesem Tutorial zeige ich euch, wie ihr mit Hilfe von einem Diagramm eure Anwendungen dynamsicher und professioneller Aussehen lassen könnt.




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